Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why So Many Black Women Are Single and Alone

One of the biggest mistakes women can do is strip men of their masculinity with their independence. This happens on so many different levels that it shifts women attitudes and they become demanding and head strong on what they bring to the table. It's like Hasani says, they become the man they are seeking.

Ladies it's ok to be strong and independent however, we need to learn and appreciate what it means to be interdependent and when to be. Know the difference between being independent and interdependent.

Hasani Pettiford makes some pretty good valid points in his video click below to watch.


Why I Think Submission is Sexy

Yes, Submission is Sexy! As I encounter women young and mature on the subject of submission most agree and then there are those who look the other way. Primarily because they have misconceptions of what the true meaning is all about. Submission is not about being weak, belittling, demeaning, or enslave women in anyway.

Submission is simply coming under the mission (vision) of your husband. This is not intended for women to submit to men in general; she is to "submit" to her own husband and to him only. However for single women your submission is unto God.

Submit is to honor your husband in leading your marriage, family, and home. It reflets on you the respect you have for him and ladies respect is not a want for men, it's a need. To disrespect a man is like stripping him of his masculinity! As much as men love sex and need it they will remove their presence from you before allowing you to seduce them sexually once you disrespect them.

Respect to a man is what affection is to us ladies. There both needs and we must honor that unto each other. Men interpet respect as love and when we show them respect we are praising them. A submissive woman is a wise woman who understands the importance of speaking life into her husband. To be submissive we must trust God and His sovereignty.

Submission requires humiity, a prayer life, and the pilot of the Holy Spirit. Ladies once this revelation has been received you will acquire the benefits that come with being a submissive wife.

And remember, Submission is Sexy!

To your transformation,

Barakah Miller
Healing & Relationship Catalyst
Author of forthcoming book The Scales of Love

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Battle and Differences of Love Tour

The Scales of Love

Are your Wants in Alignment with your Worth?

Sometimes smart women make bad decisions. Over and over again. That was Brayla’s story. This uber successful single mom and businesswoman is madly in love with the most handsome man in the world! He has a fantastic job, a serious cash flow and he loves her. She truly believed she and Bishop were together forever…until she learned he was married. With kids! Brayla kicked him to the curb and learned to live without him. Now he’s back and they’re more in love than ever. And he’s still married.

Brayla knows she’s wrong, but she’s so afraid—afraid of losing him, afraid of letting go, afraid she’ll ruin the life of someone she loves more than Bishop, even more than herself. This is one time she can’t afford to have principles. Thank God for her girlfriends who don’t judge her, but pray for her. They’ve promised, if need be, to be the clean-up crew!

THE SCALES OF LOVE is a must-read for every woman. The message is clear: as much as you love him, you have to love you more--and keep God the center of your life and relationship. If that’s not happening, it’s only a matter of time before the teardrops fall! Get your copy today and take a ride on one brave woman’s courageous journey to real love—the godly way! #TSOL #TheScalesofLove