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The Scales of Love "Best Seller" Campaign

Are your Wants in Alignment with your Worth?

Sometimes smart women make bad decisions. Over and over again. That was Brayla’s story. This uber successful single mom and businesswoman is madly in love with the most handsome man in the world! He has a fantastic job, a serious cash flow and he loves her. She truly believed she and Bishop were together forever…until she learned he was married. With kids! Brayla kicked him to the curb and learned to live without him. Now he’s back and they’re more in love than ever. And he’s still married.

Brayla knows she’s wrong, but she’s so afraid—afraid of losing him, afraid of letting go, afraid she’ll ruin the life of someone she loves more than Bishop, even more than herself. This is one time she can’t afford to have principles. Thank God for her girlfriends who don’t judge her, but pray for her. They’ve promised, if need be, to be the clean-up crew!

THE SCALES OF LOVE is a must-read for every woman. The message is clear: as much as you love him, you have to love you more--and keep God the center of your life and relationship. If that’s not happening, it’s only a matter of time before the teardrops fall! Get your copy today and take a ride on one brave woman’s courageous journey to real love—the godly way!

The Scales of Love

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Breakthrough Gram

Best Relationship Advice:

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it and can live with the consequences of your own words.

Breakthrough Gram

Words to Ponder-If your significant other had to choose all over again, would they choose you? #appreciatewhatyouhaveorsomeoneelsewill

Breakthrough Gram

Truth is, if I had to be with anyone else, it'd still be you! #loveisreal #loveworks #inittowin

He's Scared, She Scared Tele-Seminar Summer Series

God put it on my heart to release this series so his people can heal. So please join me and my guest for this powerful, impactful, and transformational series on: "When the Past is Present: How to Heal from Emotional Wounds that are Sabotaging Our Relationships" can't wait for the transformation to take place. Here's the deets: register at

You don't want to miss out on this call. Healing is necessary and a must, your future depends on it! Hope you can call in for your healing!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

He's Scared, She's Scared...The Silence that Sabotages Relationships


June 2014

Contact: Barakah Miller
Phone: 313-799-5415

He’s Scared, She’s Scared…The Silence That Sabotages Relationships

It’s the conversation you’ve been waiting for: heated, controversial, and sexy! This not to miss event is for all single, married, divorced, or separated males and females.

Ready to move beyond the walls of silence into a more intimate, satisfying, and fulfilling relationship? Would you like to learn techniques that facilitate self-expression and help establish a love language to better communicate with your partner? Do you want to discover how to ensure your partner’s needs are met and reduce the probability of infidelity? Are you ready to add spice back into your already existing relationship suffering from complacency? Perhaps you are single and want to discover ways to have a more fulfilling, open and committed relationship. Maybe you just want to learn who you are before making a serious commitment.

He’s Scared, She’s Scared Tele-Seminar series on Life, Love, & Relationships is just what you’ve been waiting for. Host Relationship Catalyst Barakah Miller and Friends will cover topics such as “The Power of Commitment and Submission,” “How to Be Emotionally Naked with Your Partner,” and “The Power of Forgiveness and Self-Discovery.” This summer series is set to launch June 17, 2014 and will convene every Tuesday, up to and including July 22, 2014.

Barakah Miller, Love and Relationship Specialist/Speaker/Author of forthcoming book The Scales of Love stated, “I’m excited to be hosting this engaging thought provoking dialogue. This is a conversation as a community we all need to engage in and not only have the discussion, but provide solutions to the issues and problems that we as a community are facing within our own personal intimate relationships.”

Some of our brilliant panelists include Detroit’s own Toy Banks, Stephan Labossiere aka StephanSpeaks, Markeith Braden, Anthony ‘Tony’ Grant, and Valerie J Lewis Coleman. Don’t miss an opportunity to actively participate in this conversation. To join us logon to or Search: He’s Scared, She’s Scared to register and get detailed access information.

Please note you must be registered in order to participate in the dialogue. For media interviews contact 313-799-5415 or email for more information.
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Got a Book Club?

You can now schedule a VIP session with Barakah Miller!
Book clubs/organizations/churches interested in having a VIP session with Barakah Miller
to discuss her debut novel, The Scales of Love, can

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The only requirement is that at least 10 club members be present during the session. Book clubs, organizations, and churches get a discounted rate for hosting a review and a FREE journal for pre-ordering. All book club orders will be delivered on date agreed upon.

Make it a ladies night/girlfriends session/singles night/conversation for both sexes/a panel discussion; however you plan it make it fun with thought provoking dialogue with Barakah Miller live!

Happy reading!

Barakah Miller
Author/Speaker/Love & Relationship Specialist
"The Scales of Love" coming soon!
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Meet the Author of The Scales of Love

Who is Barakah?

Barakah Miller, is a woman on a mission! In her first published book The Scales of Love Barakah, captures her readers with engaging content and engulfs them in the lives of her characters as they come to life from page to page.

She's an inspirational coach, speaker, creative strategist, content curator, and love & relationship specialist. She has been transforming and encouraging audiences for over a decade. Her powerful message of encouragement, resilience, perseverance, and empowerment has impacted the lives of adults and teens.

Her book The Scales of Love is a fiction novel inspired by true events from her own personal experiences and relationships. A compelling story of strength, courage, and finding your own self-worth. This entertaining and realistic novel about relationships, love, commitment, forgiveness, and self-discovery is sure to leave you on the edge of your seats.

The Scales of Love is about metanoia. The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, and way of life. The anticipation and momentum from her reviewers is slated to catapulted her popularity across the globe.

As a powerful relationship communication specialist, specializing in what matters most, 'Life, Love, & Relationships' has audiences captivated through her courage to conquer the most fearful and unhealthy situations.

Ms. Miller’s eye-opening story of transforming her own life as a struggling mother on public assistance and unhealthy relationships (intimate, personal, and family) to now transformational speaker who is boldly teaching and showing others they can do the same.

Beautifying you from the inside out with style and grace is her mantra and she does it well with elegance and brilliance.

Ms. Miller is a firm believer that your gift will make room for you and usher you into the presence of men with great honor...(Proverbs 18:16) if you just believe!

For bookings or media contact
Barakah is available for conferences, luncheons, retreats, workshops, group sessions, corporate meetings, and church events.

FREE EXCERPT - The Scales of Love

Chapter 1

Sista Love
Some of the most sacred female relationships are the ones you share with your beloved sister, whether blood related or not; There’s no bond like a Sista’s -cherish it!

It was a Saturday afternoon, Brayla and her homegirls Nia, Sasha, and Amerus, were enjoying an afternoon girl time brunch. Nia, a remarried divorcee’ who is raising her twin niece and nephew in addition to her son; is a saved entrepreneur. A former NFL wifey, she is currently married to her high school bestie, James. Sasha's the sharp fierce one who is also married with three kids. Sasha, is a handle her business no time for yo mess type of chick! Her boo, Lonzo, is a successful business man in sports and entertainment. Amerus is the young diva of the mix. Serving as somewhat of a mentee - she’s fresh outta college and handles her business, yet she can’t seem to balance her career and love life. Then there’s me, Brayla, I’m single with two kids and fresh out of a relationship. The thing is my heart is still taken by my ex, Bishop. Even though I’m a successful business woman, with three prominent businesses, I still struggle with trying to get this man out of my heart. It's easier said than done for most women. I know. But none-the-less, I’m productive I take care of my home, have the best home girls a friend could ask for, I love the Lord, and I give to my community often. I've mastered applying all the right things to my life – but this one relationship has taken me off course.

Bishop is in upper management at a prominent company. He's in a relationship or, should I say married with four kids and has been with the same woman since college. His tall, athletic physique makes him more than charming. He's gentle, well-kept, and has the pearls (smile) any woman would want to keep close to her heart. Oh, and his skin is the smoothest, softest, luscious carmelicious texture physique ever embraced.

I love my girls, but they have no idea that Bishop had a separate life all those years that we were together. Except Nia. I can depend on Nia not to judge, plus she’s been through hell and back. Remember, she’s a former wifey of an NFL player, so I can only imagine what her ex did to her. Plus, her faith is unshakeable and I know she can guide me through her wisdom from God and life experiences.

You can’t share everything with all of your friends. You gotta have discernment and know what and who to share certain information with. Nothing personal. Just wisdom. Plus, you don’t want everybody in your mix. They get too hype and can give you the wrong advice. Gotta know the different personalities of your homegirls and inner circle. That way, you know what information to share and not to share. Hopefully they're mature enough to handle and respect your privacy.

“So Brayla, what’s really up with you and Bishop?” Sasha asked. “Girl, I know it’s been awhile since ya’ll last talked. But, neither one of you ever said it was officially over.”

“Sasha!” Brayla exclaimed. “That’s a subject I really don’t care to talk about. Besides, knowing Bishop, he probably thinks he can just waltz his behind right back into my life as if no time has gone by and everything is all good. As if there is no work to be put in. I do know that I’m not about to chase him down. He’s very much aware of where I reside and how to reach me, if he so desires. I’m not a man chaser. I’m the cake and he’s just the frosting in the middle.”

“Dang, what about the top of the cake?” Amerus chuckled.

“Girl, please! It takes a whole lot more than what he was willing to give to make it to the top! I don’t have to ride any man to get his attention. I refuse!” Brayla bellowed.

“Amen, to that!” Amerus shouted. “And why should we?! I’m just saying.”

Nia chimed in, “Girl, I’m with you on that. But we as women have to remember to be true to ourselves and not to get so wrapped up in any man where we lose ourselves. Don’t get so caught up in living his life that you forget you have one of your own.”

“Nia, you always share so much wisdom. We also need to make sure we up lift each other and pray for our men, even at times when it’s challenging and we don’t want to,” Brayla explained.

“Oh shoot,” Sasha says. “Listen to Ms. Brayla over there preachin'!”

“Girl, please! Don’t act brand new. Seriously,” Brayla continued. “If I knew me and Bishop would end like this, I woulda paid more attention instead of listening to my heart.”

“See, that’s our problem, right there,” Amerus said. “We invest too much and end up with nothing in the end. We allow our heart to be so consumed with love that we fail to pay attention to all the signs. I’m young, but that’s a lesson I learned early.”

Sasha agreed. “But even though we do all that, sometimes we can’t help who our heart chooses to love.”

“Yeah,” states Brayla. “But I wonder how much of that is true. They say ‘can’t choose who you love’ or as Bishop says, ‘can’t control who your heart chooses to love.’ Same thing. But it's kinda contradictory. I mean, we are responsible for our choices, so how can those statements be true? Don’t we choose who we want to be with, who we love?”

“Hmmm…that’s deep!” Nia shared. “Well, love is deep. In any relationship, you have to have resilience 'cause love will test you and only the strong survive.”

“Whew!” Brayla hailed. “Not only that, love has so many elements -loyalty, trust, communication, commitment, consistency, oh and giving!” As Bishop Murphy says, "There is no indication of love until giving takes place." In unison they declare, "Amen to that!"

“Oh,” says Nia, let’s not forget love gives, and lust takes!”

“Yes, yes,” says this smooth, yet soft baritone voice as Nia, Sasha, and Amerus look up. Brayla stared straight with a blank look on her face as Bishop smiled and said, “Good afternoon ladies, Brayla!”

Barakah Miller
Author/Speaker/Love & Relationship Specialist
"The Scales of Love" coming fall 2014
Place your order today & thanks for your support!

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Copyright © 2013 by Barakah Miller All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review to be printed in a newspaper or magazine with permission of the author.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Scales of Love

In her debut book 'The Scales of Love,' author Barakah Miller captures her readers with engaging content and engulfs them in the lives of her characters as they come to life with every turn of the page.

A compelling story of strength, courage, and finding your self-worth. This entertaining and realistic novel about relationships, love, commitment, forgiveness, and self-discovery is sure to leave you on the edge of your seats.
Embracing Brayla is about metanoia. The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, and way of life. Brayla Thompson, is a top notch business woman, single mother, lover of God, and is in love with Bishop Moore.

Although their relationship has been on and off for over a six year period, Bishop still remains strong in professing his love for her and he truly adores Brayla. The catch is he's married and as his relationship with Brayla begins to unravel secrets are revealed and the question 'is love enough' becomes the challenge they both look to each other to answer.

“A powerful contemporary story highly recommend reading with a relevancy that all should read and relate too.”
~Sylvia Hubbard, Motown Writers Network

“This book absolutely delivers the goods. It’s an engaging, relevant, and powerful story that everyone needs to read. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down until I finished with it.” ~Travis Brown, Business Coach/Entrepreneur

“I absolutely loved this book. This is a highly recommended read for both males and females. Everyone would be able to relate to the characters in some form.”
~Sonya Anthony, Entrepreneur

“I am not a big reader but, this book once I started reading I could not put the book down.”
~Dionnedra Reid, E.M.M.A. Association

Barakah Miller
Author/Speaker/Love & Relationship Specialist
"The Scales of Love" coming soon!
Place your order today & thanks for your support!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Breakthrough Gram

As a society we glorify sex more than we ought to.  The beauty is not in the's in the intimacy.  The purity of being emotionally naked with that one who loves you back regardless of your stubbornness, flaws, status,  or circumstances.  The wholeness of being free from soul ties and strongholds and knowing who YOU are is the ability of being able to freely give yourself to the RIGHT one!

Barakah Miller
Relationship Communication Specialist
Author of forthcoming book
"The Scales of Love"

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Words to Ponder

It is perplexing to comfort other people when you wish there were someone who would comfort you. Be careful being the person that's always pouring into people but they can never pour into you.

Trust God!

Barakah Miller
Relationship Communication Specialist
Author of forthcoming book
"Yes I'm Single But, My Heart is Taken: Committed to A Deception"
~Transcending Hearts & Minds through style and grace.~